Monday, May 30, 2011

My Birthday Weekend!

27 Years... don't they go by in a blink.

The weekend all started on Friday where I was surprised at work with flowers, pie and some lovely gifts. Thank you Villa Girls. I love ya'll.

Then Friday night my friends and I all went to Tin Lizzy's in Midtown for a little fiesta. Followed by Irish Car Bombs and Dancing at Ri-Ra. Seriously I have the best friends in the whole world, you all certainly made me feel special on my birthday:) Much love to you all .. xoxo

~Fun Gifts~


The Next night was Natalie's Bachelorette Party and my official Birthday (may 28th). I spent the morning at the pool with Chrissy, getting our swim on. Before heading to Loco Luna to celebrate with Nat.

~Me and Capt. Jack~


~ Bachelorette Gang~

~They Surprised Me with Dessert:)

Then I went to my Parents house to celebrate with the family. My Mom made me Lasagna, and stuffed mushrooms, salad and garlic bread. And we opened presents and had my favorite Hot Fudge Sundae's for dessert.

~Scott and Missy got me these great letters for my house~

~Scott will be Scott~

~I test the waters in the new pool~

Thank you all for everything. I had a lovely birthday! xoxo

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

prom 2011

I love love love trying on Prom dresses. I seriously came pretty close to buying this damn Prom dress. But where on earth would I wear it. It kinda has a 80's little mermaid feel to it.

I went to the mall to find my birthday dress and came up empty handed. I guess I'll venture out to the mall another day this week. Is this too fancy for a birthday??

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Quote of the Day

"Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity."

— H. Jackson Brown

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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Today certainly had a theme.. Babies! Today my Villa Girls and I all went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch to celebrate Kristina having a baby girl! And we were joined by our fabulous produce delivery guy, GENE! It was so fun to see my girls outside of work and watch Kristina open some very cute presents. ~Showering Kristina~

~Villa Pastry Girls~

~And Gene comes too:)

~my buddy Analia~

~Congratulations Kristina~

After lunch I drove out to my brothers house to watch my nephews Beckham and Brooks. Those kids definitely wore me out. They played in the pool, and we played with their Nerf Swords, played Basketball, ate Spaghetti ( got my shirt covered in Spaghetti), we played the piano. No rest at all for Aunt Amanda:)

~This kid has good taste in vehicles~

~Brooks and Beckham~

~This is Beckham's face after I turned the hose off because he sprayed me~

~So then I turned it back on and sprayed him~

~I'm such a nice Aunt:)

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What a busy day today turned out to be. I got up early and did my kickboxing before Eric came over to do some home improvements for me. Then Chris and I headed up to Sandy Springs for my friend Natalie's Bridal Luncheon.

The luncheon was so nice, and the house it was held at was beyond amazing! We talked about the upcoming wedding, ate and drank by the pool. I'm seriously so excited to see Nat on her big day:)
~Me and Chrissy~

~Delightful Cake~

Then I drove to Snellville to get my hair colored before having dinner with the family.. minus my Mom who is in Sweden on business. ( I miss you Mum:). Then me and my Dad went and picked out my birthday present. I got a really cute little Patio set that I had my eye on:) Thank you Mom and Dad:)

Then I drove to Midtown to see the movie Bridesmaids with Miss Lauren. And now. I am oh so tired.

A very fun, but very exhausting day:)

And.. good night!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

What's in a Name?

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."
- William Shakespeare

Amanda Marisa Parker.. what a lovely name. In latin Amanda means "worthy of love".

But what does Urban Dictionary think of the name Amanda?

A women named Amanda is typically very beautiful with an incredible body and nice eyes. They are known to be very loveable. Amandas are envied by other women.
1. Damnnn, Amanda's lookin' fine today, as usual.
2. I wish I was Amanda, shes so pretty and nice!

~ Happy to be an Amanda~

I think I like what urban dictionary has to say on this matter:)

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Best thing I've Read this Week

Not such a cheery disposition today maybe. But this book certainly cheered me up. I Hate Everything. It's a book of things people hate. And it's fun to add your own to the mix.

Here are a few thing's I hate.

I hate when my clothes take too long to dry.
I hate folding laundry.
I hate that I had a marker in my pocket and just spent the last 30 minutes cleaning the ink out of the dryer.


I hate people who drive really fast cars that drive under the speed limit.
I hate that the shoes I want are so expensive.
I hate that I can't do the research, that money doesn't buy happiness. I think it does.


I hate that Gilmore Girls is over.
I hate that Rory didn't end up with Logan.


I hate when people are late.
I hate that I am always early.
I hate that I have no patience.
I hate that every time I spell the word patience.. I sound out Pat- I- Ence. (I remember it being one of my spelling words in 3rd grade and my mom correcting me spelling it).


I hate that I could probably go on listing things I hate.

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Quote of the Day

"Always give people more than what they expect to get."

— Nelson Boswell

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

11 days

In 11 days I turn 27. This year I feel kind of crappy about it. I feel like I haven't done enough, or done any of the things I should have done by now. So... Since I am a list maker and a goal setter and a type A personality, and after much research I came up with a few things I should do...just because. Just because it might be fun. It kinda has a bucket list feel to it. But alas.. here is what I came up with.

  • Get my book published
  • see a meteor shower
  • Go to NYC.. stand at the top of the empire state building
  • See Cinderella's Castle at Disney World
  • Learn how to Salsa dance
  • Take a pottery class ( you all know i'm dying to rein-act a certain scene from GHOST). LOL
  • Meet Sidney Crosby
  • Become awesome at Figure Skating
  • Be and extra in a movie
  • Go snorkeling in Bali
  • Find a rich benefactor to help make all this happen :)
So those are a few things to get me started. Hopefully 27 will be a great year.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Warrior Dash! WOOO! You may remember about a month ago I posted how I was going to do the Warrior Dash. Well today Eric, Chris and I drove to North Georgia to partake in the experience. It was sooooo much fun! Seriously one of the best things I have done all year. Basically it is a 3.5 mile course with various obstacles. Swimming through muddy water, scaling a 20 foot wall, Jumping over 4 foot walls, sliding under barbed wire, jumping over firepits, muddy tires, wrecked cars, scaling 15 foot cargo nets, and sliding down a gigantic slip-n-slide. It was wonderful! And at the end you get 3 beers, a hat, a medal and a victory t-shirt. What more could a girl ask for.

~All Clean = Let's do this!~


~My shoe came apart on the last obstacle~

~So I decide to donate them to the pile~

~Being Awesome~

~Quadruple Fisting~

~One for the road~

On the way home we stopped at "goats on a roof". It is exactly what it sounds like. Then headed to Cracker Barrel.
~Goat on the roof~

~I get my fortune told by the goat whisperer~

Such a great day! Who is in for next year???

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