Monday, May 24, 2010


"see you in another life Brotha"- Desmond

WOW! I haven't posted anything in a while, and for that I feel like a jerk. I promise to go back and fill you in on whats been going on later, but for now let's talk about the end of the LOST era.

Last night a few of my girlfriends came over to watch the series finale of LOST at my house. We decided to eat some seafood at Red Lobster before heading back to get the hoopla started. We made delicious pina colodas, complete with bright paper umbrellas, and then settled in to say good-bye to our favorite characters (Sawyer:).

I just started watching LOST this year.. I watched the first 5 seasons online in the time frame of a month and a half (I was seriously committed). Tonight's finale was in my opinion, mostly great. The ending was sad. But I think I knew it was going to end that way. If you have never seen LOST, I really encourage you to watch it. Great Show.

Alas.. I leave you with some pictures from this momentous occasion.

~In honor of Charlie Pace~

~Dinner at the Red Lobster~

~We like Pina Colodas...AND getting caught in the rain~

~I think I'm going to get this permanently tattooed on my hand~

~Aloha LOST~

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Sunday, May 23, 2010


This past weekend was my friend Eric's Birthday. So our little group went to the White House (that's his last name), for a little birthday bbq. We played a little Cornhole, a little UNO attack, and ate and drank a lot. I'm sorry to say I probably single-handedly polished off most of the Sangria.

Happy Birthday Eric.

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