Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sweet Brooks

Last night my brother Scott and his wife Missy had their second child. A beautiful baby boy named Brooks Edward Parker. I am so thrilled to have another little nephew to spoil. Here are a few pictures, and I must say that when I have a child if I can look half as good as Missy does that will be good enough for me. Seriously after having a baby she doesn't have a hair out of place. Congratulations Missy and Scott.

Happy Birthday Baby Brooks.. I love you so much already:)

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Monday, March 8, 2010

American Idol = not doing it for me this time

Dear American Idol,

This year you basically just aren't doing it for me. In the past there has always been a reason to be excited. Now I just find you dull and mundane. In the past I was a member of the Soul Patrol as I rooted for Taylor Hicks. When Ace Young sang 'Father Figure", I'm pretty sure I may have screamed with excitement. Chris Daughtry singing "The Letter" made me a fan from the get-go. Constantine was my ABSOLUTE favorite, his rendition of 'Cryin' by Aerosmith made me smile from ear to ear. I'm pretty sure the season Constantine and Carrie Underwood was on was the BEST! And even last year, I had picked Adam Lambert from the very beginning. I would stand on my couch in anticipation as he would sing. Do you remember when David Cook sang 'Hello', by Lionel Richie, man I love that song.

This year, nothing, nobody. And although I love the Ellen Show, I don't like her ON American Idol. Everyone is picking the wrong songs. Anyway, with that said I hope this week gets better. Thank You.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Mum!

This past weekend was my Mom's Birthday. It was an important one, although I won't spill the beans on how old she is (she wouldn't like that). We had a small gathering at my house. In my mom's honor we decided to do something a little extra special for her, just to let her know how much we love her. So all us kids (Scott, Missy, Me, Sean and Brandon) wrote down 50 things that we LOVE about Mom and put them in a jar for her to read whenever she wants to know how much she is loved, or whenever she needs a good cry. After we opened all the gifts and shed some tears we went to Stoney River for a lovely meal and then back to my casa for her favorite, carrot cake.

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you millions of pennies worth! xoxo

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