Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Little Out Of Touch

Sorry for the long delay friends, blogging has simply gotten away from me. So lets try and catch up. I have had the flu for the past week so I have gotten caught up on all my television requirements. So here we go...

First I would just like to say the Top Chef Season Finale is looming and there are only 4 contestants left.. Three of which I predicted would make it to the finale. So I just wanted to point out how freakin awesome I am! I am rooting for the Europeans.. go Stefan and Fabio! Tune in Wednesdays on Bravo at 10pm for new episodes.

Secondly... American Idol has selected its top 36. My favorites so far are.. Adam Lambert..aka guy who wears eyeliner, Danny (the widower), his best friend Jamar ( who I know got kicked off but my predictions tell me that he will be back as a wild card), Anoop and the dueling Pianos guy Matt. So those are my picks.

In other T.V. news Grey's Anatomy is getting better and better and I am loving the fact that Izzy Stevens is sick and I can't wait for the moment when Derek finally proposes to Meredith.

YAY for TV.
I Will try to be more present on my bloggings.