Monday, November 1, 2010


Oh Halloween.. How I almost missed thee.

Well .. it all started when I couldn't find a costume.. but thankfully Lauren took me down to Little 5 Points to Psycho Sisters (a really cool vintage shop) and the amazing people there helped me put together a costume.

So the gang headed out for the evening. We stopped at the Day of the Dead Art Show to see some really cool coffins Eric and Chris had made.

After that we headed to The Masquerade. We danced, drinked, took pictures and they even had a fortune teller.. which you know I couldn't pass up. It was such a good time and a ton of fun to see all the great costumes out there.

Happy Halloween~

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~Do Blondes have more fun?~

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Pumpkin Carving Time!

Remember last year when I carved that awesome werewolf pumpkin.. well this year I did an equally awesome skull and crossbones. We all gathered at the White House, and gutted those pumpkins, carved and then had the obligatory photoshoot.


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Back to Hollywood for Craig

Our group made a new friend this year.. Craig. He works in LA (in the movie biz) and is currently in Atlanta working on a movie. He has been adopted by our little group and we have been trying to keep him busy here and having fun. So in his last days in the Atl. Craig treated us all to dinner at everyone's favorite burger joint.. The VORTEX! Lots of fun was had and we will all be sad to see Craig go.


Shameless plug.. Craig is working on the movie Fast and Furious 5.. go out and see it! Summer of 2011. ;)

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Mini Golf and a Shake

Everyone loves to mini-golf... especially Me, Lauren and Craig. So we drove down to Pirates Cove Mini-Golf for a round. I am sad to say that I didn't win.. but it was still a lot of fun. Congrats to Lauren on her score. Although I'm pretty sure she cheated. ;)


~LOL.. I show Craig how it's done~
We then headed to Steak and Shake for my favorite chocolate shake in town.


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Lauren and I have decided to once a month try a new and exciting restaurant. We always seem to eat at the same places we love so we are trying to mix it up a bit. TAP was the restaurant of choice. We started with a bottle of wine, some shrimp toastadas, and then I had the fish & chips. Oh I love fish & chips although the best in town is at Fado. It was still a fun night and a really cute restaurant.

After dinner we walked down to our new friend Craig's Hotel for some Champagne and to celebrate Brittany's new job! Woot Woot!

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Right Round House Kick to the Head!

Its been a while I suppose.. So here's whats been happening.

1st up.. I have been KICKBOXING! It is sooo much fun and I seriously feel like I could beat the crap out of someone, which fills me with a great sense of satisfaction. Sorry for the blurry photo but.. you get the point. If you need a good workout try kickboxing.

Wanna Fight?

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